Promote Transparency:

Sonia will work to promote transparency in our government. Sonia knows that factual information is power; she understands that only with factual information can we keep our government and elected officials accountable for their actions. 

Sonia is a proponent of innovative technology and will work to provide up to date information on County departments and what projects they are working on, including their progress and objective goals. 

Making a Difference:

Sonia wants to engage the citizens of our county to make our communities better. Her priorities include protecting our neighborhoods, cleaning up the environment and shutting down illegal enterprises.  She is committed to protecting the safety and security of all who live, work and visit our county. She believes that open communication with our residence is vital to the success and growth of Fort Bend.

Doing What’s Right:

Sonia understands that the work of the office is crucial.  It requires accountability, resilience and a willingness to listen. She is determined to take the correct legal actions, regardless of how popular or difficult it may be. She is committed to doing what is right for Fort Bend County. She understands that standing-up to and fighting for our citizens is of the utmost importance as the County Attorney. 

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